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Agricultural chemistry does not degenerate as time goes by and we have the missions to carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future. As it went to 21st century, agricultural chemistry became more important to obtain and  invent higher quality product processing, to maintain and monitor wonderful ecological environment quality, to survey and sustain the soil and plant resources, to develop and sustain the bioresources.

Agricultural chemistry plays a key role for the welfare of human being, therefore the agricultural chemistry should not only base on the theory and technology of the traditional agricultural chemistry, but also those of the microbiology, microbiological chemistry, and  life science to enhance the quality of life on earth.


In order to participate in the international outstanding effort of researches on biological environment safety, we endeavor to provide higher quality of human resources and knowledge base, and to sustain the agricultural ecosystem and green utilization of bioresources.


(1).To provide higher teaching quality, and train the people to develop expertise as an expert on science and technology with leadership.

(2).To create high quality environment and resources for studying, product investigative originality, and raise the quality of researches.

(3).To integrate the excellent human resources and create a team of multi-divisions of science for extending the agricultural chemistry-related investigation.

(4).To provide the techniques and strategies for producing food, ecological environment protecting and biodiversity maintaining.

(5).To provide frontier knowledge and advance high quality agricultural products and living industries of health food,  bioresource materials etc.




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