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Living Information


In Taipei, there is a comfortable environment for studying and living. Around the National Taiwan University, there are convenient metro and bus transportation systems for traveling, various kinds of shopping stores, book stores, night market, super market,  banks and all kinds of restaurants.


It's around 25-38 centigrade in summer and 8-17 centigrade in winter and average annual rainfall is around 2000 to 4000 mm as the weather is strongly affected by the monsoon. [more detail]


In the restaurants around NTU, you can find a variety of  meal, including of  traditional Chinese food, Taiwan  snacks, and all kinds of foods from other countries.


Cost of Living 


It costs around 1.5 to 3 US$ for a local meal. You can also pay 3.5 US$ for getting a hamburger with Coke or 12-20 US$ for buffet. 



House renting(US$)          NTU dorm                                  Sublease a Room          Room with private toilet     

    Downtown                200-220/semester                            150-230/month                   300-450/month     

     Suburb                          ---------                                       100-160/month                   230-340/month         




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