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Professor and Head of department


Lean-Teik Ng


TEL: +886-2-33664804  or +886-2-33669907
FAX: +886-2-23633123


Dear friends:

Thank you for your interesting with my Department. We have very distinguished achievements on the teaching and research under our active studies and having distinguished graduated students to make great contributions on the different careers, especially at the universities and research agencies or institutes.

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18 professors have been shifted from our original faculty members to be as one of the Department or Institute of College of Life Science since August 1st, 2003. This change is to provide our more extension study field and the student can learn and make more contribution to the country in the future. Now, we have 18 full time professors, which can be divided into four major study and research fields, including (1) seven professors for soil and environmental sciences, (2) three professors for plant physiology and chemistry, (3) four professors for microbiology and biotechnology, and (4) three professors for utilization of bioresources.

I was appointed as the head of department from August 1st, 2007. I have some ideas to promote our teaching and research activities to meet our mission, goals and strategies in the future. We want to provide more information about budget, contents of courses and research projects, research results, and working status of graduate students of department. We also want to provide good teaching quality and train students having more specific technologies on agricultural chemistry and internationalized leadership, and also to generate good research environment and resources, produce innovative research results and to promote research quality. Finally, we will continue revising our contents of courses and research to meet the requirement of country and to meet the working opportunities and ideal career of graduate students.

Please do not hesitate to contact with me by +886-2-3366-4809 (office of laboratory) or +886-2-3366-2119 (office of Department) if you need any help. Thanks again for your interesting our department.

Sincerely yours,

Lean-Teik Ng, Ph.D.

Head of Department

August 1, 2013.



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