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The Major buildings include:

1. Two buildings for Agricultural Chemistry

2. Food Processing Factory, and Machine Shop

3. Soil environmental chemistry laboratory

4. Soil survey and classification laboratory


Major teaching and research facilities include various models of UV-VIS spectrophotometers, preparative ultracentrifuges, fraction collectors, fermentors, transmission and scanning electron microscopies, atomic force microscope, freeze driers, gas chromatographs, high-pressure liquid chromatographs, CNS analyzers, X-ray diffractometer, flame photometers and atomic absorption spectrophotometer, conductivity meters, supercritiical fluid extractor, dynamic light scattering spectrophotometer, plant growth chambers, amino acid analyzer, Laminar flows, automatic image analyzer, capillary electrophoretic apparatus, ELISA photometric system, HPLC Quadrupole-time of flight tandem mass spectrometer and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrophotometer, etc.

Plant Nutrition Lab
1. Nutrient/contaminant uptake by crops
2. Organic fertilizer production and utilization
3. Nutrient cycle
Laboratory of Pesticide Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology              

1. The impact of high dosage of RIFA controlling insecticides on soil ecosystem
2. Studies on Impact of Herbicides on Paddy Soil Bacterial Ecology
3. The Effects of Endocrine Disruptors, Di-n-butyl phthalate , on Leaf Vegetables` Physiology
4. Separation and isolation of mosquito repellent from natural products


Gas chromatography/Electron capture detector (GC-ECD), Gas chromatography/Flame ionization detector (GC-FID), Gas Chromatography/Mass (GC-MS), High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Supercritical fluid extractor (SFE), Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE), 2 Dimension gel electrophoresis (2DE), Modular atmosphere controlled system, Phase contrast microscope

Soil Lab                    
1. Analyses, system simulation, and prediction of soil physical/chemical properties.
2. Nutrient/contaminant movement, monitoring and management in soil environment.
Soil Survey and Classification Lab              
1. Soil morphology, genesis, and classification.
2. Survey, evaluation, and remediation on soil pollution.
3. Forests and ecosystems.
4. Soil fertility and productivity.
Soil Biochemistry Lab                 
1. Examining the relationships among DNA, enzyme activities, and microbial community structure in rhizosphere soil.
2. Using soil enzyme activities as indicators of soil quality and soil function.
3. Emissions and mitigations of greenhouse gases (N2O, CO2, CH4) in agriculture and forestry.
4. Carbon sequestration in agricultural and forest soils.
5. Food waste composting.

Gas chromatography with auto gas sampler, Kjeltec Auto Sampler System Analyzer.
Food Chemistry Lab                
1. Food processing
2. Food constituent functions and applications
Lab. of Chemistry and Application of Biomaterials                
1. Studies on the properties of biopolymers (carbohydrates, proteins) and their applications as the environmental friendly material resources and natural nanomaterials.
2. Isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from natural resources (grains and legumes) for functional foods.
3. Developments on value-added grain (rice, wheat) processed products.
4. Water mobility and storage stability of foods (starchy-based, cereals) studied by MRI, NMR, MDSC, CLSM----.
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), high performance size exclusion chromatography (HPSEC) equipped with RI-Viscometry-Right angel laser light scattering (RALLS) triple detector, High performance anion exchange chromatography (HPAEC)-Pulsed Amperometic Detector (PAD), higher performance liquid chromatography-Photo Diode Array (PDA) detector, rapid visco analyzer (RVA), texture analyzer, water activity meter, Colorimetry, Auto Gluten Washing Machine, Baking Lab (mixer, fermentor, oven, steamer, noodle making machine---), freeze dryer, humidity chamber
Soil Environmental Chemistry Lab             
1. Forest soil
2. Heavy metals remediation in soils
3. Minerals synthesis and application

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