Transport and Fate of Soil Pollutants


Instructor: Prof. Dar-Yuan Lee






Course contents:

The fate of pollutants, including inorganic and organic compounds, in the soil environment will be introduced. How to establish and apply models to simulate and predict the behavior of these compounds in soils will be described.  

Lecture topics:

1. Source and Classification of Soil Pollutants

2. Major Soil and Environmental Properties Affecting the Fate of Soil Pollutants

3. Processes and Equations used for Describing the Fate of Soil Pollutants

  (1) Adsorption/Desorption

  (2) Leaching/Diffusion

  (3) Volatilization

  (4) Degradation/Transformation

  (5) Plant Uptake

  (6) Runoff/Erosion

4. Establishment of Fate Models of Soil Pollutants

5. Classification of Fate Models of Soil Pollutants

6. Available (or Commonly Used) Fate Models of Soil Pollutants

7. Application of Fate Models of Soil Pollutants (Case Study)




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