Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (2 hours, 2 credits)


Zueng-Sang Chen

Graduate Institute of Agricultural Chemsitry

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1) Course Description

This selective course is 2 hours, 2 credits only for the juniors, the seniors and graduate students at 10:20am to 12:10pm on Wednesdays. This course will let students realize the distribution and differential of contents of trace elements in various kinds of parent materials, soils, plants, the transform in food chain, translocation and development of associated models. Students will also learn to know the alteration of trace elements in soils and plants as well as the effects between the environmental factors and man-made management of land field.

2) Contents

1. Review of alteration of trace elements in environment.

2. The distribution of trace elements in different soil groups.

3. The distribution of trace elements in different plant tissues.

4. The effects and analysis of environmental factors on differential of distribution of trace elements in soils.

5. The transform and translocation of trace elements from soils and plants to human food chain and installing of model.

6. The effects of long-term application of sewage sludge and composts in soils and plants on accumulation of trace elements. 

7. The fate of trace elements in sludge composts.

8. The adsorption and accumulation of trace elements in microbiology.

9. The hyper accumulation and tolerance of trace elements of plant tissues.

10. The mechanism of adsorption of trace elements in soils.

11. The techniques of analysis of trace elements in soils and plant tissues.

3) Textbooks

1. Adriano D. C. 1992. Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements. Lewis Publishers. Boca Raton, USA. ISBN 0-87371-523-3. 513p.

2. Adriano D. C., Z. S. Chen, S. S. Yang, and I. K. Iskandar. 1997. Biogeochemistry of Trace Element. Science Reviews. Wales, UK. ISBN 0-905927-99-0. 432p.

4) Evaluation of score

The score will be averagely 85, based on normal distribution.