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Department of Agricultural Chemistry offers Bachelor's (B.S), Master's (M.S.) and Doctoral (Ph. D) degrees to international students who are interested in soil biology, plant science, microbiology and food science. We also offer one-year non-degree program for foreign students who have alien resident certificates.


Students with high school diploma can apply our undergraduate program. Students with Bachelor's degree can apply our graduate program for Master's degree whereas those with Master's degree can apply our Ph. D program. We accept one foreign student for each degree each year. After graduation, foreign students should follow the application procedure for advanced education (i.e. Master's and Ph. D. program) as the native students.


All international applicants should submit their application to The Center for International Academic Exchanges by the deadline (check website for the date). A complete application package should include the following documents/ materials.


1. Two copies of application form.

2. Two photocopies of the original diploma

3. Two copies of translation of the original diploma if it is not in English or Chinese

4. Two recommendation letters, including one which can provide information of applicant's Chinese and English proficiencies

5. Two copies of health certificate

6. One copy of study plan (in English or Chinese)

7. Financial statement

8. Application fee

9. Certificate of Chinese proficiency

10. For those who apply undergraduate program, please provide alien resident certificate or working permit issued by Taiwan authority


Check the website for more information related to common application.


For perspective foreign students

v Students should register no later than the first one-third period of the first semester, or are not eligible to register that academic year. However, non-degree graduate students could register at the second semester with the permission of the chairman of Graduate Institute of Agricultural Chemistry.

v Non-degree students could apply for our under- and graduate programs following the same procedure described above after their non-degree program is over. The credits obtained during the non-degree program could be waived based on NTU regulation.

v Foreign students with good academic performance can apply the fellowship awarded by Ministry of Education after accomplishing the first academic year.



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